- Pulvis ipecacuanha Compositus. U.S. - Compound Powder of Ipecacuanha. - Dover's Powder.

This is made by rubbing together one part of opium, one of ipecacuanha, and eight of sulphate of potassa. The object of the sulphate of potassa is mainly, by the hardness of its spicula, to enable the two vegetable ingredients to be more thoroughly divided, and consequently more intimately incorporated; as it is thought that the combination owes some of its peculiar efficacy to the thorough blending of the ingredients, so that it may be, as it were, one substance. Some have substituted nitre, as being itself somewhat diaphoretic; but it appears to add nothing to the efficiency of the combination, and might sometimes render it less acceptable to the stomach.

This preparation is used for all the purposes above mentioned, to which the mixture of ipecacuanha and opium is adapted. it may be administered suspended in water, formed into an electuary with syrup, or in the form of pills. The dose is ten grains, containing a grain of opium and a grain of ipecacuanha.

The effects of the Dover's powder may be obtained by mixing thirty drops of ipecacuanha wine with about twenty-five drops of laudanum.