This form of disease may depend on any cause tending to produce weakness or inaction of the stomach, or obstruction in the secretion of gastric juice or bile. It is usually attended with pain after eating, costiveness, emaciation, colic, lowness of spirits, languor, etc.


The symptoms attending this form of disease may be relieved by medicine, but the cure can alone be effected by proper diet and exercise. The anti-dyspeptic powders will relieve the pain and soreness of the stomach after eating; pills No. 2 and injections should be used for the costiveness, and a course of medicine occasionally, to throw off the morbid accumulations, and stimulate the different organs to action. The diet should be simple, avoiding tea, coffee, butter, pork, and use but little meat of any kind. The coarse wheat bread is one of the very best articles of food in the complaint. Four or five hours' active exercise in the open air should be taken every day, and the whole body bathed in cold water every morning, followed by brisk friction with a coarse towel. Sedentary occupation should be given up, and those more in accordance with the laws of nature substituted.