Health that intoxicates with its power and intensity, is within the reach of all who are willing to reason for themselves, and begin that activity of muscle, mind and body without which there can be no health, for stagnation always means disease and death.

   Activity is the law of life. A machine made of the finest steel will rust and decay if not used, and the human body is not stronger than steel.

   To those whose souls are rent by sorrow and pain, to those whose days and nights are heavily laden with the dull despair of physical weakness and disease, this book is respectfully dedicated.

    May it be a light which guides these poor stricken human beings to the haven of perfect health, beautiful, superb—is the wish of the authors.

   Open your eyes.
   Clear your brain.
   Reason clearly!
   An enemy is at your door.

   He has already entered nearly every home!
   Is he in your home?

   Are you struggling for life as he slowly "strangles" you in his "grip of poison"?
   Are your sons, your daughters, your father or your mother fighting this fearful enemy?
   If you love life, if the lives of your loved ones are of value, begin at once to free yourself and your home from this horrible enemy,