We claim that in acute diseases hydropathic treatment will accomplish all the benefcial effects which the "Old School" practitioners ascribe to drugs, and that water applications will produce the desired results much more efficiently, and without any harmful by-effects or aftereffects upon the system.

The principal objects to be attained in the treatment of acute inflammatory diseases are:

  1. To relieve the inner congestion and consequent pain in the affected parts.
  2. To keep the temperature below the danger point by promoting heat radiation through the skin.
  3. To increase the activity of the organs of elimination and thus to facilitate the removal of morbid materials from the system.
  4. To increase the positive electromagnetic energies in the organism.
  5. To increase the amount of oxygen and ozone in the system and thereby to promote the oxidation and combustion of effete matter.

The above-mentioned objects can be attained most effectually by the simple cold water treatment. Whatever the acute condition may be, whether an ordinary cold or the most serious type of febrile disease, the applications described in detail in the following pages, used singly, combined or alternately according to individual conditions, will always be in order and sufficient to produce the best possible results.