I. Fresh Air

  1. A plentiful supply of pure air in the sickroom.
  2. Frequent exposure of the nude body to air and sun light.
  3. Patient must not be kept too warm.

II. Natural Diet

  1. The minimum amount of light food, chiefly fruit and vegetable salads, no condiments.
  2. Only enough water to quench thirst, preferably mixed with acid fruit juices.
  3. In serious acute febrile conditions and during healing crises no food whatever.
  4. In diseases affecting the digestive organs fasting must be prolonged several days beyond cessation of febrile symptoms.
  5. Great care must be observed when breaking fast.

III. Water Treatment

  1. Cooling sprays or sponge baths whenever temperature rises.
  2. Fever and inflammation must not be suppressed by cold-water applications, but kept below the danger point.
  3. Neither ice nor hot applications should be used.
  4. Wet packs followed by cold ablutions for elimination of systemic poisons.
  5. Separate compresses over seat of inflammation, also at nape of neck.
  6. Kind and duration of pack to be determined by condition of patient and object to be attained.
  7. Injections of tepid water to relieve constipation when necessary.

IV. Medications

  1. No poisonous drugs, nor any medicines or applications which may check or suppress the feverish, inflammatory processes.
  2. Homeopathic medicines, herb decoctions and specific nutritional remedies when indicated.

V. Manipulative Treatment

    Osteopathy, massage or magnetic treatment when indicated and available.

VI. Mental Attitude

  1. Courage, serenity and presence of mind are important factors.
  2. Fear and anxiety intensify disease conditions, poison the secretions of the body and inhibit the action of the healing forces.
  3. Do not suppress acute inflammatory and feverish processes by the power of the will.
  4. The right mental and emotional attitude of relatives and friends exerts a powerful influence upon the patient.