It is generally thought that repeated abortions are due to syphilis. I have not found this true. I have found that there are temperaments that establish habits very easily. Such people, when they meet with one miscarriage, are liable to have others follow. Correcting life and habits will cure.

Enlargement of the lymphatic glands in the groin (adenopathy) often indicates an ulcer or chancre in the vulva. Where there is enlargement of these glands, and they feel like bird- and buckshot under the skin, this condition indicates toxin infection from putrefaction in the bowels. This is true of men as well as women. An infection with syphilis under these conditions is favorable, with the usual treatment, for developing a very formidable type of disease. These glands enlarge in cancer of the womb or rectum.

Inflammation and suppuration of the glands of Bartholin, situated on either side of the lower part of the vagina, indicate gonorrheal infection. Unless such cases are treated carefully, systemic infection may spread, break down the health, and cause death.