A desire for more; dissatisfaction and a feeling of discomfort; gas and belching; acid stomach.

A desire for highly seasoned foods, alcoholics, tobacco coffee, and tea. Appetite is always driving; much thirst.

Urine cloudy, full of sediment, bloody, dark, odorless or rank of odor. Passed too often and with discomfort.

Bowel movements are green, gray, yellow, or white, and form into scybala (lumps). Or they are watery, bloody, wormy, and offensive to smell.

Skin is moist to wet; hands and feet cold and clammy. Always wet under the arm. Disagreeable odors from the perspiration under arms and feet.

Hair is thin, lusterless, and dry.

Lungs show asthma, cough, expectoration.

Sleep is fitful, restless, dreaming, and leaves tired on waking up.

Work is disagreeable and tiresome; no pleasure taken in recreation.

Worry, worry, worry, without much excuse. No interest in life. When trouble comes, the life is devoted to worrying.

Is very irritable, spiteful, revengeful, jealous, envious, quick to lose temper.

Mind is dull, slow, and learns with difficulty. No power of attention. Inclined to sleep, yet insomnia at night.

Is dishonest, deceitful, stingy, selfish, unkind, wasteful of other people's property, even when selfish and miserly with his own.

Recovers slowly because mental attitude is that of irritability and impatience. The abnormal person does not learn from experience. Everybody is to blame for his misfortunes, except himself. He is incorrigible.

A very good standard for health is the ideally beautiful--beautiful in body and mind.

Those who would know a sick man should study art. The artistic represents health, both of body and of mind. Then, to know the sick, contrast them with the normal--the ideal.

Post-mortems tell nothing except how terribly the body may be abused before it dies. Yet the dead organs can tell no tale; they cannot stand up and accuse their traducers, nor tell the manner of abuse.

The modern, popular idea of beauty and health is that the body should be incumbered with fat. Stock shows furnish a type of beauty that fits the modern sensual conception of what beauty consists of. Sensuality dominates everything in modern life. Even medical science, in catering to modem sensualism, has won the everlasting gratitude of Bacchanalians and gluttons, by offering the germ as the cause of disease, and tacitly freeing them from all restraint and giving them license to do as they like. Of course, this will be disputed, but I back my statement by referring to the patients themselves.