Auto-intoxications are imminent under ordinary conditions--when health is normal.

In that state known as health, assimilation is approximately balanced with disassimilation.

The disposal of waste--of the catabolic products--is as necessary as the proper assimilation of the anabolic products.

Man is nearest an ideal state of health when his digestion and assimilation are almost balanced with his disassimilation and elimination.

Health is that state of man's body and mind that oscillates between near-health and near-death.

Disease is health's thermometer, so to speak, which marks the degrees of departure from an assumed ideal state of health to complete loss of health.

Disease, per se, is non-existent. The state of the body which we call disease is nothing more or less than the degree of departure of health from the ideal standard.

The cause of the departure may be any influence that increases, decreases, or perverts nutrition.

In previous articles cellular nutrition has been gone over; the causes of increase, decrease, and perverted nutrition have been cursorily referred to. Now it is necessary to give a thought to the consequences of inhibited elimination of the waste products of metabolism.