Sex power should be examined into. At the beginning of nervous diseases the power is often increased, but it diminishes as the disease advances. Anaphrodisia is viewed as unfavorable in diabetes, Abuse of this function hastens old age and old-age diseases. A natural lack of this power indicates inefficiency, lack of ambition, and low resistance.

Masculinity is necessary to accomplish work. Sex neurosis must not be mistaken for power. Lasciviousness means mental weakness and lack of discipline. Drunkenness cannot be said to be thirst or a desire for water.

Empire-builders and great men are those who use their power for self- and world-building and not for self- and world-destruction.

Disease from sexual abuse brings on paranoia sexualis or primary monomania--a delusional insanity confined to the sex subject. 'Those in this state are given over to physical and mental abandonment, to satyriasis (excessive venereal desire). In women the disease is named nymphomania (excessive or furious desire); other names are hysterio-mania and furor uterinus. As the name implies, there is an affection of the womb and ovaries, bringing on the sex excitement.

The mental state of the sex neurotic is beyond the influence of moral suasion. Physical and mental training may overcome the disease. Local diseases must be corrected. Urethral irritations, inflammations, and strictures must be overcome; uterine irritations, hyperemia, inflammations, enlargements, and ovarian affections must be corrected. Constipation should be attended to first, and morbid appetities must be corrected. Candy, cake, and ice cream eating is injurious. The mental state must receive special attention; for all derangements of a sex nature are more mental than physical.

Lasciviousness is a bad mental habit which is easily. enough overcome before the habit is fully formed. But like all bad habits, it requires all the power, and in man; cases more than the power, which the sex neurotics have, to throw off the disease.

Self-abuse appears to be universal; but the better class abandon the disgusting habit early in life. The harm comes from lost self-respect and the curtailment of efficiency. Men are handicapped in every race in life. The silver-tongued orator barters brain power for sex pleasure, and forty-five years of age finds him no more interesting than he was at twenty-five. Man, to be interesting, must continue to grow as long as he lives. Only the sensualist retires and is satisfied with half-achievements.

When the sex power is utilized in self-development, man never ceases to grow mentally. This is the reward of self-control. All men who have made history have done things-have actually lifted themselves by their own mental boot-straps. They have been strongly sexed, and have not dissipated their energies lasciviously.

Women who allow themselves to develop lasciviousness lose their color early. They become nervous, irritable, and shrewish. Old age comes too soon. They may attract by giving their personal appearance much attention; but their aura sexualis attracts satyrs who are lust-drunk, rather than those who are looking for loyal friends. A nymphomaniac--a woman whose psychology is pronouncedly hysterio-maniacal--cannot find satisfaction in the love of one man. As a rule, there is one for whom she would lay down her life, but loyality is not in her make-up. Promiscuity is one of the features of monomania sexualis. Voluptuaries, if ever cured, must eat properly, take the proper care of the skin, and be very busy in a work that will occupy every hour. lf such people have one idle hour, it will be spent in disloyalty to self, friends, and family in unlicensed liberties.

A man may have but one bad habit, and that habit in time will ruin him. There is but one safe life to live for man or woman--namely: be busy, cleanly, and constantly on guard in resisting the formation of bad habits; for everyone who builds bad habits in time is mastered by them.

Fortunate, indeed, is the one who is mastered by good habits.

Children should be examined for tight prepuce. Circumcision is seldom necessary. Simple dilation with dressing forceps is sufficient. Then, if there is adhesion, the foreskin may be rubbed or pushed back.

Little girls often are troubled with leucorrhea. The cause is acid poisoning. The acid comes from gastrointestinal fermentation. The treatment is cleanliness and proper diet.

In examining adult males, scars on the penis point to soft chancre. The hard chancre does not leave a mark, unless it has been subjected to severe cauterization, which is unnecessary in either form of chancre.

Eruptions, eczema, herpes, syphilitic papules, etc., are often found. Too often herpes will be treated for syphilis by someone who is either ignorant or knavish. The greatest harm to the victim of such treatment is the developing of syphilitic mania--syphilophobia.