Varicocele (enlarged veins in the scrotum) is known by the sensation of a bag of worms. Surgery for this derangement is malpractice, the same as operating to remove varicose veins of the legs. Venereal abuse, self-abuse, lasciviousness, are the causes, along with digestive abuse. Eating in a way to generate toxin poisoning is a live second to venereal abuse. The cure must be the correcting of bad habits of mind, body, and eating. All cases can be cured, if properly treated early.

Hernia is easily diagnosed. There is a history of a small tumor that comes on standing and coughing, and goes away on lying down.

Enlarged prostate may be discovered by introducing a finger into the rectum. About three inches, or from two to four inches, anterior, a round, hard, tumor-like body will be felt. This is the prostate gland. Much injury is done this organ by massaging it--a treatment that is quite a fad among a certain class of medical men. This treatment is often as far-fetched as giving digitalis or strychnin for an already jaded heart, or morphine for a restlessness brought on from oxygen starvation in pneumonia, or for precordial oppression when the heart is enervated, or for headache due to hyperemia of the brain. There is a difference in the results, however. The drugs used in such haphazard fashion often cause death, while the massage cultivates an enlargement of the prostate; or perhaps I should say that the massage becomes an ally of venery, coffee, tea, alcoholics, tobacco, sugar, meat, and starch in hastening a senile tendency.

Manipulating the prostate is one of hundreds of nonsensical professional inanities. The average human being is inexcusably gullible toward the title-decorated profession; and the professions, being made up of the same common clay, do not hesitate to park their wants on a common so succulent.

The mass of humanity--the high, the low, the rich, the poor--nearly all are educated to stand for useless professional service amounts to--are superfluous and have in palliating or extirpating symptoms or effects (affections)--and this is what ninety per cent of present-day professional service amount to--are superfluous and have no excuse, except that the people are unwittingly educated into an officious impertinence which would be criminal if the acts were not covered by the ethics of social custom--which is only another name for the dogmatism of convention.

There is but one other as tragical parallel in civilized life, and that is war. The ethics of war allows those connected with it to commit crimes so impossible and atrocious that hell weeps at their enormity.

Custom is a refuge for inhumanity; and in the matter of healing, the sins committed in the name of professional science, charity, humanity, and skill--expert service--are equaled only by our present World War.

Such a small affair as massaging the prostate gland is professional impertinence practiced by those who look enviously on those intrusted with larger impertinences, such as removing the appendix or ovaries, operating on the gall bladder, and all other internal organs, with no more excuse for the crime than that professional ethics and human gullibility permit it.

Impotency may be a symptom of nerve-center derangement, excessive venery, auto-suggestion, or mental worry.

Priapism is a sex neurosis brought on from abuse of the grand passion, eating overstimulating foods, and "going the pace" until the body is desperately enervated. It is a sign of sex exhaustion.

Only the olive-tipped sounds are fit for diagnosing and successfully treating stricture.

The examination of women should begin with an inquiry into the function of menstruation--its regularity, if painful, quantity, etc. Painful menstruation may be due to inflammation of the mucous membrane--catarrh--flexions, versions, ovarian engorgements. The primary cause of all uterine and ovarian derangements in young or single women is infection of the pelvic lymphatics from intestinal putrefaction. Correcting the dietary, mode of living, and care of the body will soon correct the worst forms of pelvic affections of single women. In married women--especially those who were married suffering from pelvic-lymphatic infection--all sorts of evils will follow confinements. In the first place, labor will be longer and more painful than it should be; injuries will not heal kindly; slight septic infections will be experienced, which will cause a perversion of the milk, followed by sick children; and mothers Will be left with enlarged wombs, with an impetus in the line for building uterine or ovarian tumors, and, in time, with chronic toxin poisoning and some form of cancer.

Uterine hemorrhages in virgin women may be due to ovarian and uterine engorgement, brought on from lymphatic infection, lascivious habits, idleness, reading of trashy literature, and picture show suggestions,

Hemorrhage in married women is due to three causes, aside from puerperal hemorrhage; namely miscarriage or abortion, submucous fibroid, or cancer.