That symptoms produced by toxic poisoning caused by ordinary sensuality in those of scrofulous diathesis are often ascribed to hereditary syphilis cannot be successfully disputed. This I have demonstrated so often in my practice that the truth is common-place. For example: The abortion habit is curable by correcting vicious dietetic habits and venereal excesses. Pemphigus, when located on the soles of the feet, is declared to be absolutely characteristic; but the truth is that such skin diseases are developed prenatally and after conception, and are due to perverted nutrition brought on the mother from the sensual indulgences too common in, if not characteristic of, pregnant women.

The average woman's nutrition is perverted before conception, because of the universal habit of overeating and overindulgence in licensed sensuality. Add to this state the sensual indulgences above referred to, and countenanced by good society and everybody's religion, and we have the ground-work for all the diseases to which the human offspring is heir. Modify this picture of perverted nutrition by poverty, squalor, and the corresponding psychology; then add the complicating influences exercised on these types by fear, hopelessness, dispair, and a disorganizing medication, as practiced by the representatives of modem medical science, and no imagination, it matters not how vivid, can picture a pathological inferno with more types of loathsomeness than evolves from the states here described--all, too, without anything more "specific" being added.

Where the above pathology is pushed to organic degeneration, sterility prevents its propagation; but there are enough functional diseases manifesting in the fetus, built by licentiousness in parents since conception, to satisfy the imaginings and perverted reasoning of our most pronounced types of syphilomaniacs.

Perhaps those who read my argument will say: "Why shall we accept one man's opinion against the opinion of the whole profession?" What can the whole profession know about a subject that it has not investigated? If the whole profession has, refused to watch the progress of perverted nutrition, as it develops under the sway of sensuality, and has not refrained from the use of medication, how is it to know what uncomplicated pathology is?

If the profession has refused to watch the progress of disease under fasting, or light dieting, and no medication, how is it to know what I know after years of such "watchful waiting?"

No man's opinion is worth anything on a subject about which he knows nothing, and to multiply such an opinion by a hundred, a thousand, or a million like opinions does not change the worthlessness of the first opinion. A fallacy multiplied by a hundred million minds does not make a truth. To force Galileo to abjure the Copernican theory ninety years after it had been published by Copernicus did not make the world flat.

Hereditary syphilis is a bugbear, the offspring of original sin, the fall of man, and like relics of the child-mind.

Hereditary syphilis is a disease made this side of conception, and is not transmissible. The child that is born with symptoms of disease is infected after conception.

It is a fact that we have the scrofulous diathesis, which means that the people coming under this head are more inclined to develop tubercular diseases, syphilis, and the thousand-and-one small diseases and symptoms that come under the head of scrofula, tuberculosis, and syphilis, than they are to develop symptoms of gouty diathesis.

It is worth while to try to comprehend that evolution had the preponderance of power, that the cosmic urge is on the side of development, and that there is a point beyond which degeneracy cannot go-and that point is conception. This is so true that no analytical mind can be in doubt when the great and profound truths of history are known and well digested.

Syphilis is a filth disease--a disease of clothes and sensuality. Man is slow in learning how to wear clothes--his morality transcends his estheticism. From a health point of view, a filthy man is much safer nude than clothed.

Syphilis is a disease reaching back far beyond the birth of the idea of specific treatment. Long before modem medical science, with its dogmatic, fatalistic teachings regarding "universal taint" and hereditary syphilis, King David confessed to his God: "There is no soundness in my flesh . . . no rest in my bones, because of my sin ... My wounds stink and are corrupt because of my foolishness . . . My loins are filled with a loathsome disease, and there is no soundness in my flesh . . . the light of mine eyes . . . is gone from me. My lovers and my friends stand aloof from my sore; and my kinsmen stand afar off."

This confession was by David for his people. The symptoms were those of syphilis. If the Jewish people were so diseased as to be shunned in that early day, before mercury, potash, "606," Wassermann tests, plays on the order of "Damaged Goods," and all the other insanities and inanities were discovered, what prevented the race from being wiped out? If circumcision was all the treatment, except fasting, it would be well for the wiseacres of the medical profession of today to tell us why the disease needs more attention today. Every other disease known to antiquity has grown lighter, if it has not become extinct, in the march of civilization.

The literature that has grown up on the subject of syphilis and its mystical habits is weird, and so eminently scientific that nothing can possibly evolve out of science to equal it, unless it would be a cure for the dreadful disease. But this is obviously impossible; hence the glorious achievement of the scientifico-syphilo-maniacs is likely to stand unparalleled in all medical history.

If I should undertake to refute all the freakish pathological phenomena attributed to syphilis, I should be occupied for the remainder of my days, and then leave the subject unfinished.

The following I give as a sample of myriads of analogies: "The microbe may remain inactive in some corner of the organism, and become active several years later, on the occasion of a traumatism or any other cause." This can be duplicated in those who are autotoxemic, and who are jotted out of "status quo" by an unusual shock.