To foretell the evolution of diseases without a comprehension of real cause is attended with delusions--mental mirages.

There is such a thing as classifying experiences based upon the habits and customs of society, disease-building though they be, enabling those who become expert in the science to diagnose and render aid, without the priests of the system having even a conception of what a change of habits and customs would do for their theories built on the sands of error.

For illustration: Physicians who are adjusted to a clientele that uses alcoholics, tobacco, coffee, and tea would be professionally lost in a society of abstainers. A science of palliation based on debauchery will ill fit one based on normal habits or sobriety.

Cause of disease can never be discovered in those who are abnormal from debauchery. Health, and what it takes to maintain it, is the only way to find a correct diagnosis and prognosis. When cause is found and removed, therapeutics is superfluous. (See chapter on "Therapeutics.")