This poisoning takes place when breathing is shallow, or when from any cause there is oxygen starvation. In gastro-intestinal affections and diabetes this acid accumulates. This is the cause of so-called growing pains and polyuria in some children.

Acetous Fermentation

This fermentation causes acid stomach, rheumatism, headaches, nervousness; in children, coughs, colds, enlarged tonsils, adenoids, etc.

Acetone Or Ethyldiacetic Or Acetylacetic Acid Poisoning

This acid causes irritability. Unless controlled, it may lead to insanity. The breath is strongly that of ether or chloroform.

If this acid is suspected, a drop or two of perchlorid of iron should be allowed to run down the side of the test tube into the urine. The iron being heavy, it will go to the bottom and turn a brownish-red color.

Other acids are formed, but all those developments come from auto-intoxication, and will disappear when the errors of life practiced by the patient are corrected.

We should get away from belief in certain diseases; for excesses of all kinds pervert nutrition and interfere with elimination. In this may be found both cause, effect, and cure.