While on this subject, it may be well to observe that vaccine, syphilitic and other viruses from various forms of putrefaction, are inhibited in their action, if not entirely annulled, when the one vaccinated is normal in energy, and has a normal amount of enzymes and alkalinity of the fluids and tissues of the body. If putrefaction has spent its force, the toxins of vaccine and syphilis virus are impotent. Cadavers are not poison all the time.

Bacterial fermentation flourishes in a state of the body where acidity predominates. If no food be taken, however, the fermentation comes to an end, and the bacteria, like Alexander the Great, sigh for more worlds to conquer. Fasting and elimination prevent the body from becoming pickled.

The so-called contagious diseases attack only those who have been living on a dietary devoid of the baseforming elements.