One of my good friends died just a few weeks ago as a result of what he intended to be an amusing experiment. A month ago he sent for me to visit him at an Edinburgh hospital, and he explained, "Look, Jim, don’t think of my coming in here as a reflection on your theories. I believe in Nature Cure as much as you do, but for eighteen months, I have been paying into the insurance scheme for nothing. So when I got this illness I said to myself, I’ll see what it’s like in one of their hospitals before I go out to Kingston; I had to get something out of it, even if it was only a good laugh. In two weeks, I’m coming to your place".

But he was cremated before the two weeks had elapsed. In the meanwhile, however, he had his good laugh. He had been greatly amused by one of their procedures. He told me how they were actually waking him every midnight to give him an injection. Like myself, he believed there is nothing better for a sick man than normal healthy rest and sleep, but this patient had to be given his financially and vitally expensive "miracle drug" injections.

I do not believe such deaths are unavoidable or accidental. I believe they are directly due to the fundamentally mistaken drug treatment aimed at reducing symptoms in place of removing causes.

Sometimes we are asked, "If you do away with drugs, what can you put in their place?" This implies that there is some benefit in drugs, instead of that all drugs are poisonous or destructive. Surely if we get rid of a bad thing it is unnecessary to put anything in its place. It is always better to allow your own body to do its work in the way it prefers, and is equipped to do, without interference from outside.