So, if you are determined to build high level health so that you can go through almost anything and still remain vigorous and alert, wholesome, undamaged and healthy, you must learn to cooperate with your body. Do what it wants you to do. Give it a rest when it wants a rest. If you have an acid irritation in your mouth and find all food distasteful, do not say, "I must take something to neutralise the acid". Rather stop, think about it for a moment, and say, "I have been doing too much of this or that. I must stop it for a bit".

Real cure calls for honest care and intense curiosity as to causes. With such interest and cooperation your body very surely catches up. But for reasonably quick results do not start off with doubts. Do not trouble to tell us "I get so weak if I go without my         and        " (favourite vices). We know you do, and we know why.