Disease is never only local. Your body is either all healthy, or all unhealthy. It may—indeed it usually does—exhibit its distress more in one part than in another, but quite often that one part is putting in overtime to help some overworked or weaker organ. If you have a boil on your neck it is not due to the work of the wicked germs with big names nor is it your neck that is at fault. Ordinarily the body cells in and around the lesion are busy with a cleansing effort for the good of the whole body.

Inadvertently, one amusing point about boils is that the sufferer always remarks, "If it had just been somewhere else!" But so far as its effect upon the health of the body is concerned, its position is unimportant. Almost always, wherever it occurs, a boil arises directly from its owner’s day-by-day habits placing too much strain upon his depurative organs. Boils are painful, but they are a most efficient way of releasing dangerous accumulations of poisonous matter. The Swedes are aware of their usefulness: they call them "health buds".

It is similar with a running sore or discharge. These too are "release valves" which save the body from complete breakdown. With boils and running sores it is advisable to discontinue all unsuitable foods and drinks until the organs discharge their overload of stale refuse.

Above all don’t worry about the harmless little germs with the big names. Their lot is worse than yours. At least you are getting rid of the filthy matter—they have to live in the horrid mess. Altogether they have been maliciously slandered; they too, if not attacked, are happily symbiotic with your own cells.