Glandular extracts, although a source of much excellent ammunition for the opponents of vivisectional experiments, do not appear to the layman as very dangerous substances. "They are, after all, just the same things that one’s own body makes and uses and are surely the most natural of all drugging or injectional treatment". True, up to a point. The juice of a calf’s gland may be so similar to that of your own corresponding organ that it does not cause immediate collapse when squirted into your bloodstream. And it does make things happen! That is unquestioned. The diabolical thing is that glandular extracts—and synthetic hormones—are so powerful that they brutalise the system into activities which it was probably striving to keep quiescent. A drug may make it difficult for the body to prevent undesirable activities, but a glandular extract can make restraint impossible. That is, the patient’s natural defences are penetrated and nothing his system can do will stop the devastation of his vital reserves.

The worst feature of hormone therapy is that it may rapidly render the patient’s own glands inactive. If the gland was unable to produce adequate secretion previously, it will certainly not increase its efforts when the body finds its urgent need being met by external assistance. Consider the individual whose pancreas has been weakened and damaged by wrong living and who shows the outward symptoms of diabetes. If the patient is put on the right lines—and continues to live a reformed existence—the general improvement in the conditions of his body may permit the pancreas, along with any other vital organs which may have suffered, to increase the efficiency of its remaining active tissue. Even if most of the glandular structure has been destroyed, the fraction remaining will usually compensate and may produce almost as much of the essential materials as the whole organ did originally. The body’s recuperative ability is almost incredible, given a fair chance.