All organs and consequently all functions are under the control of the nervous system. The efficiency of our organs is dependent upon the supply of nerve force, so it is essential that the nervous system shall function efficiently.

Elimination of body wastes is a normal and fundamental function of the human organism, and as long as nothing hinders it, drainage will keep up with the production of wastes. It is only when the eliminative functions have become impaired by some factor in a faulty lifestyle that the body risks being intoxicated.

Not only does enervation impair the ability to eliminate wastes, it also lowers the ability to digest food. The food, which normally undergoes a process of decomposition called digestion, contains some unessential materials and there is consequently a production of waste products which serve no useful purpose and must be discarded. Malfunctioning of the digestive system leads to poisoning of the tissues and lays the foundation for future disease.

Not only is bad food unwanted and undesirable, but good food, if eaten to excess or if imperfectly digested, can lead to toxaemia and ill-health. It is regrettable but true that our modern lifestyle embraces practices which tend to destroy health. Over-eating, eating too quickly, eating too often, imperfect mastication of food, eating when in a state of discomfort, or when we have a fever, can all cause enervation and toxaemia.

This state of affairs cannot continue indefinitely. Eventually, the point of tolerance will be exceeded and the organism will make a special desperate effort to violently expel the offending material.

This special effort or exertion greater than the normal which was first noted by Vincent Priessnitz is the Healing Crisis, which is also called an acute disease or fever, is therefore to be seen as a healing and normalisation process.

If the victim fails to heed the warning and persists in observing a faulty lifestyle, a vicious circle may be employed by the body itself and a series of acute diseases will occur in order to restore normality. If we fail to listen to the voice of the organism and fail to give it the most favourable conditions for recovery, further deterioration may occur. The toxic wastes may now be laid down in places where they will do least harm to and interfere least with vital organs and processes. The functions of the body may deteriorate and we will then have what is known as a chronic disease.

In chronic disease we not only have the toxic material which has been retained excessively, but we may also have any medical drugs which may have been used in a vain attempt to cure the acute disease. These acute diseases have therefore not been cured but have been unnaturally suppressed.

The main sources of toxaemia, apart from wrong foods and wrong eating habits, are retention of body wastes and accumulation of medical drugs. Added to this we have all of the negative and potentially destructive mental attitudes, sexual excesses, overwork, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, and accidental mechanical trauma.

Often unsuspected causes of enervation are the chiropractic subluxation, the osteopathic lesion and the naprapathic ligatight. Anything which causes an impingement of spinal nerves can cause interference with the normal flow of nerve force, blood and lymph, and cause enervation and toxaemia.

Since it is a fundamental tenet of Natural Health philosophy that toxaemia is the mother and fore-runner of all disease, we should do everything in our power to prevent or at least mitigate enervation. Only a healthy lifestyle can do that.

We should listen to the voice of the organism and rest when the body tells us that it is carrying out an acute process of cure. Then if we mend our ways by adopting a healthy lifestyle we will avoid the necessity for the body to institute acute diseases in the future. In this way our future well-being will be assured.

But if on the other hand we disregard the warnings, and persist in the wrong eating habits and other factors in an unhealthy lifestyle, we will inexorably lay the foundation for chronic and potentially malignant diseases.

If we allow self-poisoning to continue unabated, degeneration will occur in various organs. The weaker organs will be affected first, followed later by the stronger ones. As one organ after another breaks down, Latin or Greek names will be given to the visible external symptoms and the patient may be told that he or she has Grave’s disease, Bright’s disease, Hansen’s syndrome, and so on ad infinitum. The usual practice these days is to name a disease after the organ which breaks down first or after the doctor who first noted it.

What is generally overlooked or completely disregarded is that the primary cause of every disease is toxaemia caused by factors in a faulty lifestyle.

Secondary causes arise from the impaired function of vital organs, thus adding to the misery of the patient.

If the case is further neglected or if medical procedures are employed we can have a tertiary cause of disease. There are iatrogenic diseases which are, as is now well-known, directly caused by the administration of medical treatments or surgical interference which have been mistakenly employed in an effort to benefit the patient without removing the cause.

Intelligent people must come to the conclusion that diseases do not arise without a cause. Instead of removing the cause, modern sufferers generally employ remedies. The treatment, whether medical, homeopathic or botanic is directed at the external symptoms and effects. Seldom is any effort made to remove the underlying cause.

If we "kill" pain with drugs we do nothing to restore health. Pain is the monitor telling us that something is wrong. It is alerting us to the presence of faults in our lifestyle or environment. If we take a drug, homeopathic remedy or a herbal remedy solely to assuage the pain we may destroy the monitor which is trying to protect us. It is tantamount to shooting our guard-dog when it barks at a burglar. Present-day methods of treatment do not address the fundamental causes of disease. They all seek to give relief by suppressing the external symptoms.

If we believe the theory I have set out, we know that all disease is caused by wrong living habits. That being so, we have at our disposal the key to the rational and successful treatment of disease. That key is called Nature Cure. Correction of a faulty lifestyle, provision of the body’s normal biological requirements, and rest, constitute the only valid recipe for the restoration to health of a sick person.

What about bacteria and viruses. Do they not play a role in disease causation? None whatever! The germ or virus, no more cause disease than a garbage-collector creates garbage. Germs and viruses, along with garbage-collectors, are simply waste-disposal agents. If we do not care for our body in away which ensures prompt and efficient disposal of its normal waste products, then inevitably, somebody or something must do this work for us. Micro-organisms are Nature’s waste-disposal agents. How they perform their task is seldom pleasant, but potentially-harmful material must be removed in order to prevent disaster later on. If we wish to avoid an unpleasant visitation by a bacterium or virus, or if we wish to spare our organism the necessity for institution of a Healing Crisis, the solution to this problem is obvious. We should cease causing a toxaemic condition.

Only by adopting and maintaining an appropriate lifestyle will we be able to live in such a way as to avoid ill-health

To conclude, I can do no better than to quote verbatim from the pen of Dr John H Tilden. He defines toxaemia thus :

"In the process of tissue-building (metabolism) there is cell-building (anabolism) and cell-destruction (catabolism). The broken-down tissue is toxic, and in health, when nerve energy is normal, it is eliminated as fast as evolved. When nerve energy is dissipated from any cause, physical or mental excitement or bad habits, the body becomes enervated. When enervated, elimination is checked, causing a retention of toxin in the blood, or toxaemia. This accumulation of toxin, when once established, will continue until nerve energy is restored by removing the causes. So-called disease is Nature’s effort at eliminating the toxin from the blood. All so-called diseases are crises of toxaemia."

This priceless truth was discovered in 1829 by Priessnitz and espoused by others such as Tilden. How long will it take for mankind to become aware of it?