Nature Cure is based upon a conception which realises that disease is something which arises in the system solely as a result of the body’s attempts to rid itself of obstacles to its proper functioning, these obstacles originating in the first place from factors at work within the body of the individual concerned, and not from factors outside, as Medical Science would have us believe.

Thus instead of disease being looked upon as something inimical to the organism, and having to be fought against, as is the popular view, it is recognised as being in reality nothing else than the body’s attempts—blind and unconscious though they may be—at self cleansing and self healing. Disease is regarded therefore, as being something directly connected with the life and habits of the individual concerned—as the direct outcome of these same ways and habits of living, in fact, and not as something apart from or foreign to them.

Further, the power to cure disease is taken to reside "always and only" within the body of the patient himself, and will manifest itself as soon as the wrong habits of living and harmful practices which have hampered its activity in the past and obscured its presence have been rectified, as a result of correct treatment and guidance.

Going still further, it is fully accepted by the Nature Cure Philosophy that orthodox medical treatment, with its drugging and surgical operations, not only cannot cure disease, but succeeds merely in turning simple diseases into far more serious ones.

by Harry Benjamin

Extracted from: Benjamin, Harry. 1967. Everybody’s Guide to Nature Cure. 16th Impression. Croydon, UK: Health For All Publishing Co.