This subject covers everything which is consumed by the mouth. Nothing but food should ever pass the lips. There is never a time when a poison or non-food has any value. Dietetics is the cornerstone of Nature Cure but it is also the most difficult of all subjects connected with it. A fully-balanced diet contains everything needed for nutrition. Such things as vitamins, food supplements, and so-called natural remedies are of very little, if any, value. The vast majority of people do not want to give up their orthodox eating habits, so we have many schools of thought, all vying with each other to make dietetics attractive and acceptable to the average person. All kinds of queer diets are proposed. There are diets for almost every conceivable complaint. Ulcer diets, Obesity diets, Constipation diets, diets for Arthritis and Rheumatism. One enterprising practitioner has even resurrected the old and discredited Salisbury diet consisting of cooked minced meat and hot water. Such diets are not only useless but harmful.