In this country today we find two groups of people, with different motives, persuading the public that all unorthodox healers, their philosophies and their practices, must sink or swim together. On one hand, we find the medical interests—through their many and varied channels from Cabinet Ministers to glossy advertising booklets—assuring the public that all practitioners not on the medical register are "unqualified". The implication is that they are ignorant peddlers of dangerous nonsense. On the other side of the fence we find the untrained "healers" and most of the vendors of "health preparations", all eager to claim equality with the trained and qualified practitioner of natural therapeutics. "Numbers tell more than quality!" is their cry. "Let us unite and seek affiliation with the medical trade union."

Readers of Rude Health have had many instances of the ways in which fair representation and expression of our teachings is hampered by orthodoxy, whether it be legal, medical, financial or Departmental. Also, the fallacy behind the clamour for "recognition" has been clearly and repeatedly exposed. In most states of America where osteopaths and chiropractors have been given legal status their activities are tolerated as mere adjuncts to regular medical practice.