What the medical profession calls a "cure" is merely the suppression of superficial symptoms, to cause further and more serious trouble later on! What the medical profession never understands is that in every case disease itself, with all its varied multiplicity of expression, is merely Nature’s attempt at self-healing, and must never be thwarted, fought against, checked, or suppressed, but helped (as it were) out of the system by an understanding of the real causes at work, and by active or passive collaboration, as the case may be.

"The Nation’s Fighters Against Disease"—that is the proud title of the medical profession, and in it is expressed all their failure to understand the real essential nature of disease!

Disease is not inimical to the system, something to be fought against; but it is a self-healing crisis brought about by factors, already described, which the system finds a hindrance and impediment to proper functioning!

Disease, in short, is the result of man’s own follies and mistakes, which Nature is doing her best to rectify for him!

In effect, therefore—and if the reader can follow this clearly, he or she would be forever emancipated from the universal besetting fear of disease—disease is nothing more or less than Nature’s blind attempts at cure. [Editor’ Note: As a whole, I do not believe that most Nature Cure practitioners would agree with the author’s expression, "blind attempts", but would consider them as manifestations of "right action" on the part of the organism as it heals itself.] It is the system’s attempt to deal as effectively as it can under given conditions which, through man’s ignorance, folly, and self-indulgence, are causing impediment of function!