"Black Boxes" are scarcely in the same category as the products discussed so far, but they also are often wrongly attributed to Nature Cure. A Dr Abrams of California started the ball rolling in the early twenties when the new hobby of wireless was all the rage and every one was talking about "vibrations", "wavelengths" and "ether rays". His methods were ingenious and his "explanations" and diagnostic terms were blatantly borrowed from naturopathic teachings. For a while his success—mainly financial—was phenomenal. His apparatus was unquestionably fraudulent, but the users of his "oscilloclasts" and "oscilloblasts" did get results—and sometimes remarkably good results. This does not in any way diminish our belief that the apparatus is useless. A hazel twig is in itself "useless" but in the hands of the right person it can "diagnose" water, oil, metals, etc. The virtue, however, resides in the individual, not the twig. In time the Abrams stunt was shown up for what it was—a money-making swindle—and for some years nothing more was heard of his techniques. Then other "black boxes" made their appearance, some in Britain. The "second generation" has had a longer, if less spectacular, run, although the technique and "patter" are faithful reproductions of the original.