Many so called "health foods" are, of course, simply attractive and palatable concoctions of perfectly wholesome and natural foodstuffs. There can be very little objection to these, so long as they are taken only as a minor part of one’s dietary, and their true function—ornamental and appetising garnishings—is appreciated. To many newcomers, the Nature Cure diet appears dull, insipid, and lacking in substance. That impression gradually gives way to a happier enjoyment as the digestive system of the patient is restored to more efficient working, and the senses of taste and smell recover from over-stimulation by spices and seasoning. During the transition stage, a discreet use of various fruit, nut, and grain preparations may make the new diet more attractive to the novice.

It should be clearly understood that all "health foods" are totally unnecessary for the individual who is living on a reasonably well-balanced diet. Not only are they superfluous but, considered as a whole, some even have an insidiously damaging effect on the nation’s health. For instance, those prepared from by-products of the "purification" of flour. The miller removes the germ and bran and is paid for doing so. He sells the germ to a "health food" manufacturer who retails it—after a form of cooking—to a small fraction of the community as a mutilated concentrate of what ought to be distributed in a more wholesome form to the entire community.

Most other "health foods" are less anti-social, but are usually fantastically over-priced. The best that can be said of them is that they are harmless, and some may be of value. Even then, a slight correction in diet would probably have been better. Essentially, they are "something to sell".