A final word about the risks, from the practitioner’s point of view, of dabbling in "near-medicine". This can probably best be exemplified by what has happened in the USA, where true Nature Cure has been almost squeezed out of existence by the openly aggressive activities of the American Medical Association. What seems to have happened is that many of the one-time naturopaths took up one or other of the "therapies" we have discussed and were promptly, and with legal justification, prosecuted for practising medicine without being duly registered practitioners.

The situation is well reflected in a recent personal letter from Dr Herbert Shelton, of San Antonio, Texas, one of the genuine practitioners. He writes: "They have gone in for physio-therapy, synthetic vitamins, glandular products, and a lot of other clap-trap… The medicos have succeeded in closing -----’s School". (A Naturopathic college).