This is the use of water. Many modern Naturopaths have now discarded the use of water and so in recent years this cheap, efficient and safe health aid has been neglected. Some people claim that water application are not natural and have no value. If they are genuine in their belief this could only mean that they have not properly tested hydrotherapy. In the early days of Nature Cure, water was widely used to cleanse, tone and harden the organism. It was even called the Water Cure. Water may be used in the form of affusions, sprays, vapour baths, sitz baths, packs, and compresses. It can also be used in internal baths. It is fully conceded that some forms of water treatments such as colonic irrigations, hot mineral baths and other violent applications should be avoided. This however, does not detract from the great value of the simple forms of hydrotherapy when intelligently applied.