Again, such treatments brings results. It would take a very bovine constitution not to react violently to such an affront. The symptoms of the original disease may vanish—miraculously—and the "healer" will suggest that you have "helped the body with its self-healing effort". What has actually occurred is that the system is shocked and bewildered by this new addition to its worries. When the body is shocked, it is liable to lose so much vitality that it cannot continue whatever effort at self-healing may have been in progress. It concentrates on purely vital activity; survival is of prime importance. The outward symptoms of disease vanish. The patient becomes intoxicated, literally and metaphorically, and thinks he is well. For a while. Then comes the reckoning. He is appalled to find that far from helping his body to regain health, he may have subjected it to so great a shock, and so hindered the body’s normal functions, that his chances of a real recovery have dwindled to zero.

(In passing, it may not be inappropriate to mention that although most people would draw the line at drinking urine, they might not have any strong objection to a cup of beef tea. The main constituents are very similar—so perhaps it is mostly a matter of how you have been brought up!)