Now let us look into a common statement made by mildly ailing people. "I am very well, except for my rheumatism", or "My health is very good except for my cough", or "I am in splendid form except for this boil". They are mistaken; their health may be satisfactory according to their own standards, but if so, they are using the wrong words. Not "except for", but "because of" their rheumatism, "because of" their boils, "because of" their cough. Through these unusual efforts their bodily forces are able to keep them well despite the unwholesomeness of their day-by-day living.

The greatest obstacle to a clear understanding of health attainment is a mental kink. It arises from what children are taught at their mother’s knee, or when they go to school—and what school teachers have to answer for! One way or another the child is led to believe that if there is anything wrong anywhere in the body, the doctor alone can put it right. But there are several things wrong with that teaching. I have had excellent opportunities to test out this matter, and this is my present belief.

It is no more possible for a human being to cure another human being than it is for one person to breathe for another. Only the inherent intelligence of your own tissues can cure you, and they do it thoroughly and quickly if you foster them and leave them alone. Health is not merchandise. It cannot be passed from one having it to one not having it.

Take note next time you have a cold. Your food suddenly becomes tasteless. A good cold with acid mouth and sore throat makes it thoroughly unpleasant to swallow. But bravely you force yourself. You say, "I must eat to keep up my strength, otherwise I may die". But that is not a true estimate. On the contrary, you should recover much more quickly and wake up next morning or the morning after that feeling fitter than you have for years. So I suggest that next time you have a cold, do what your cold is telling you to do—avoid food, curl up in bed and keep warm, the chances are that within 24 hours you will begin to sense an internal awareness of well-being that has been lost for at least some months or years. If you have never given your body this kind of opportunity to do a thorough house cleaning you have missed a wonderful experience. As the crises passes you rediscover many forgotten pleasures.

Try it. In practice it works. I give you my word for it. Over the past forty years I have seen it happen many thousands of times, and it is so.