For real health attainment you must take the responsibility upon yourself. Practically any ailing person who is willing to do the right thing can get well, but instead most patients ask, "Can you cure me?" We are powerless to do that. The cells in each human body are organised to work together for just that end. After all, they built the body, and they should be able to keep it in good repair. The moment we accept responsibility for our illness we can get well. Despite all extensive publicity to the contrary, nobody else, and nothing else can do this for you. No one person can cure another person.

But relief in arthritic conditions is a slow and trying business. It is never quick, nor is it easy. For the patient it is painful because the crystalline formations in the tissues tear the tissues apart and cause even more intense pain as they work out. Another awkward side is that as you become healthier you notice things more. This means that you tend to feel more pain from the same amount of cause.

The essential difference between a healthy and an unhealthy person is the degree of awareness. Because of more immediate knowledge the healthy person’s defences promptly take action against anything that goes wrong.

The unhealthy person has a slower and less intense awareness and response. These slow-reacting people are "accident prone"; they keep on having accidents of all kinds. It is a most unhealthy condition wherein the person waits until it is too late, and with him it becomes routine for accidents to occur. The insurance companies are beginning to realise that there are such people; they are reluctant to accept them as risks.