Now let us look at symbiosis. Probably most of you have heard that more honey can be obtained in an area where there are many old maids? The argument runs that unmarried ladies keep cats, and cats keep down field mice and birds. Field mice and birds kill bees. So if there are too many field mice and birds you do not get much honey, and where there are more cats, more honey bees survive and there is more honey. That is a simple illustration of symbiosis, where one kind of animal helps other kinds of animals. We are inclined to forget that every living thing effects all other living things in its vicinity. That rule applies to humans at least as much as to other animals.

If you care to analyse your own body you will find that it is made up of what may be considered as billions of microscopic animals (cells) all joined together and working together to bring the best possible health for you. Not only is every organ of the body symbiotic with all the other organs, but each of these organs is, in itself, a whole universe of untold millions of single-purposed cooperative cells, each doing its work in its own way. It is one-for-all and all working for one end—your very good health, stable and sustained.

So, when your whole body decides upon a "spring cleaning", instead of becoming emotional and afraid, you should be thankful to your body for making such an excellent effort on your behalf, always a successful effort if—and it is a big "if"—you would but leave it alone to do its job in its own way.

Something very different occurs if—when a bodily house cleaning (any "acute disease") begins to bring out into the open the held up debris and acids of past months or years—you call in a doctor to have the activity stopped.

Usually in the early simpler forms of this effort the doctor succeeds. The activity dies down and, if you live, he claims (and you think) that he "cured" you. We do not concede that credit. We consider that his procedures gradually turn simple situations into unspeakably complex ones; complicating the issue so that, whether you know it or not, you are going to die much sooner for having had your body’s regenerative efforts suppressed—"cured"—with poisons or mutilations.