Health is not quite what people think it is. It is vastly more than a mere absence of symptoms and discomforts. Like your garden, your body calls for a degree of intelligent attention and understanding. The road to high level health is a difficult one for any long-medicated patient, but even more so for the practitioner who is trying to train such a person to travel the right road. One of the most common statements I hear from long-established invalids, who are in the process of getting well, runs something like this: "I am told that I am looking better, but I am really very much worse". We ask in what way they are worse, and as a rule they admit quite freely that the pain or disability they began with has diminished or even that it is quite gone, but now they have developed a new trouble. More questioning discloses that the new trouble is usually an old friend: "Oh, yes, I do remember now, I used to have those headaches 20 years ago".

They came to us lame, sometimes not able to mover under their own power, but now they are walking fairly freely. Yet they complain they are worse, they have developed a backache. Within a week or two the "new" backache disappears and then becomes neuritis around an eye. A few days later an arm won’t move—yes, 25 years ago the arm would not move. Over the next few months, or years they go over all their old symptoms; a series of farewell visits as it were, and meanwhile between the regenerative bouts they begin to feel fitter and fitter. So gradually they clean out all the cobwebs from the neglected corners of their bodies until they have achieved something that the average civilised person knows nothing about: real, pulsating, radiant health.

And then, believe it or not, they begin to tell their neighbours how they enjoyed every minute of their Nature Cure experience!