The philosophy and practice of Nature Cure is built upon three fundamental principles. It must be fully understood that these principles are not the outcome of mere theorising into the nature and treatment of disease, but are the logical deductions and conclusions arrived at from nearly a century of effective Nature Cure treatment of disease, in Germany, America and in this country (U.K.), and tested and proved over and over again by the results obtained.

1. The first and most fundamental principle of Nature Cure is that all forms of disease are due to the same cause, namely the accumulation in the system of waste materials and bodily refuse, which has been steadily piling up in the body of the individual concerned through years of wrong habits of living, the chief of these being wrong feeding, improper care of the body, and habits tending to set up enervation and nervous exhaustion, such as worry, overwork, excesses and abuses of all kinds, etc.

From the first principle of Nature Cure, it follows that the only way in which disease can be cured is by the introduction of methods which will enable the system to throw off these toxic accumulations which are daily clogging the wheels of the human machine. And to that sole end all natural treatment is directed.

2. The second principle of Nature Cure is that the body is always striving for the ultimate good of the individual, no matter how ill treated it may be, and that all acute diseases—such as fevers (Scarlet Fever, Measles, Diphtheria, Typhoid, etc), colds, diarrhoea’s, skin eruptions of all kinds, inflammations, etc., are nothing more than self-initiated attempts on the part of the body to throw off the accumulations of waste material (some of them hereditary) which are interfering with its proper functioning. That all chronic diseases—such as valvular disease of the heart, diabetes, kidney disease, rheumatism, bronchitis, etc.—are really the results of the continued suppression of these same acute diseases (or self-initiated attempts at body-cleansing), by orthodox medical methods of treatment. These methods include the administration of poisonous drugs, vaccines, narcotics, gland extracts, and X-Ray therapy, and the removal of affected parts by means of surgical operations.

From a Nature Cure standpoint, therefore, when a doctor "cures" a patient of an acute disease through the agency of drugs, sera, anti-toxins, etc, or through the medium of the "surgeons knife", what he really does is to force the toxins (waste products) which the body is endeavouring to throw off, farther back into the system, and it is the concentration of these toxins (plus the drugs), in the vital organs and other structures which form the basis of future chronic disease.

Obviously, the form which chronic disease will take in any individual, whether it be rheumatism, Bright’s disease, asthma, diabetes, etc., will depend upon the bodily constitution, and heredity tendencies. But the main fact to be noted is that according to Nature Cure, all chronic disease originates in the first place through the suppression, by wrong medical methods of treatment, of acute diseases.

3. The third principle of Nature Cure is that the body contains within itself the power to bring about a return to that condition of normal well-being known as health, providing the right methods are employed to enable it to do so.

That is to say, the power to cure disease lies not in the hands of the doctor or specialist, but within the body itself. Within this will be found the source of that healing power which Nature is ever ready to bestow on all who are willing to accept her laws and live in accordance with them.

It is upon these three principles just enumerated that the practice of Nature Cure is built.

The chief measures whereby this is achieved are:

(a) Fasting, because fasting is Nature’s most potent healing agency. Through the medium of the fast, waste products and impurities, which have sown the seeds of disease in the human body, can be removed in the simplest, easiest and most natural way.

(b) Scientific Dieting, because wrong feeding is the most potent factor in the causation of disease (far more so than any other), and through proper dieting, and proper dieting alone, can the further accumulation of toxic and waste matter in the system be prevented, the blood purified, and all the bodily structures allowed to work at their highest level of efficiency.

(c) Hydrotherapy, because (in addition to the tonic and cleansing effect upon the system of judiciously applied hot and cold water), through hydrotherapy or water treatment, effete bowel matter can be removed from the system in the simplest manner possible, without having to resort to the use of any of the harmful and deleterious drugs and purges of orthodox medication. Whilst in the form of wet packs hydrotherapy offers a remarkably simple natural expedient for abating fevers and reducing pain and inflammation. (Again without any harmful after-effects, which cannot be said of the anti-pyretic drugs used for the same purpose by the medical profession).

(d) General Body-building and Hygienic Measures, because only through proper exercise, deep breathing, effective care of the skin, use of sunlight, fresh air, etc., can the healing process taking place within the body of the individual undergoing natural treatment be given the fullest possible expression.

(e) Psychotherapy, because the mental factor plays a part—to a greater or lesser extent—in all diseased conditions, and properly applied mental therapy is therefore as necessary a factor in all natural treatment, which would be in the highest degree effective as any of the measures above.

By these simple measures then—aided by such subsidiary healing agents as, spinal manipulation (Chiropractic and Osteopathy), massage, artificial sunlight, etc., does the practitioner of Natural Healing seek to deliver our modern humanity from disease.