The reader will now be fully ready for acceptance of the cardinal principle of Nature Cure, which is, that although, thanks to the pedantry and misconceptions of the leaders of medical science, the names of diseases are legion, in reality their basic and fundamental causes are the same in every case, viz, a body clogged with waste materials and impurities; and that no matter what the particular disease might be called, apart from shock, or direct injury, or medical interference with the blood and nerve supply, its causes can always be found in disturbance of function due to three main factors:

1. wrong feeding

2. improper care of the body

3. habits of living tending to set up enervation and nervous exhaustion, such as worry, fear, overwork, excesses of all kinds, sexual abuse, temperamental and environmental difficulties, etc.

It is these three main factors coupled with hereditary and predisposing influences, such as physique, personal peculiarities, and the like (aided by previous medical interference with drug and knife), which decide exactly what form disease will take in any given individual—whether it will be rheumatism or eczema, typhoid or pneumonia, cataract or deafness. So, what one always has to remember is that no matter what any disease may be described as in medical terminology, in essence:

"Disease is the same in every case, because the underlying causes which determine the condition in the first place are identical, although the superficial symptoms and manifestations appear in so many different guises."