If, for example, you go weak at the knees from missing a cup of tea or a meal, it means that you should omit several more cups of tea or meals. It means that you have been overloading your nutrition. You have been having too many cups of tea and too many meals. Here is a good piece of advice from Tilden, the famous American doctor, the man who has probably done more than any other single individual for genuine Nature Cure: "If you felt uncomfortable between the last mealtime and the next one, omit the next meal and carry on that line from mealtime to mealtime".

Well, at first hearing, I wonder how many are now ready and willing to follow that advice? Yet it is very sensible: while you fast your body begins to use any small or large stores of rubbish as nutrient to keep you alive. If you have a tumour for instance, a great lump somewhere in your body, just stop eating and your body will feed on that tumour, reducing it, during the fasting period. Temporarily you will be living on stale meals, so you are unlikely to keep in a good temper. However, the important point is that in the process you will use up the stale meat, and soon the tumour will not be there any more. That is the only genuine kind of cure. Not only does it make you feel better, you have a better figure, you feel younger, and you will be a more completely symbiotic animal. In other words you have begun to achieve a state of high level health.