"Tissue Salts" are in a way related to the homeopathic method. The general idea is that the more finely a substance is divided the more likely it is to affect or be of use to the cells of the body. Tissue-salt therapy at least has the advantage over homeopathy of being less easily shown fallacious—particularly by orthodox biochemists. (Indeed, so secure against attack from this quarter do some vendors feel that they call their preparations "biochemic remedies!") But the fallacy is there, nevertheless. All students of Nature Cure, lay or professional, know only too well how misleading a picture of any food a chemical analysis can give. Government and cartel chemists have persuaded most people that finely divided chalk added to flour is as good as, or even better than, the organised minerals removed in milling. Possibly some of these chemists even believed what they are saying. The plain fact is that with a few obscure and doubtful exceptions, no higher animal—and that includes man—can make constructive use of any mineral unless it comes through the plant kingdom. The mineral salts have to be built up by plants into living tissue before they are fit for the digestive and metabolic system of man to use for body building, body cleansing, or any other constructive purpose.