Now let us see why such deposits arise even in people who have become health-conscious and who are doing their utmost to live simply and naturally. Take our staff of life. How many people make a habit of eating wholesome, clean, fresh bread? May I give you an estimate? Very few indeed. Genuine bread is expensive because the government does not pay the substantial subsidy for bread unless it has been adulterated. This is the situation as it is at the moment (1950). The ministry of food insists that 14 lbs of chalk be added to each bag (280 lbs) of flour. If their subsidy is to be collected that chalk must go in. When a member asked a question about this requirement last year, he was told that it was not chalk, it was creta preparata. Having said that the (then) Minister of Health sat down and everybody seemed satisfied. But creta preparata simply means prepared chalk.

Chalk in flour makes the dough absorb a great deal more water. As one baker put it, it makes water stand up on end. In that way you are induced to buy water and chalk and you believe you are buying bread. But that is not all.

Agene has been discontinued, but in its place millers are permitted to employ the adage process—chlorine dioxide. [Editor’s note: the baking industry now in 1996 generally legally includes a number of new unhealthful artificial ingredients.] According to the manufacturers, this preparation is approximately three times more powerful than agene. It is recommended especially for bleaching the colouring matter of bran, "which makes it particularly valuable for bleaching very low grade flours".