Senna, 4 ounces

Guaiac wood, 2 ounces

Elecampane root, 2 ounces

Anise seed, 2 ounces

Caraway seed, 2 ounces

Coriander seed, 2 ounces

Licorice root, 2 ounces

Raisins, 8 ounces

Diluted alcohol, 6 pints

Reduce the drugs to a coarse powder, and mix them with the diluted alcohol. Then seed the raisins, chop them fine, add to the mixture, and macerate fourteen days, stirring the mixture thoroughly each day; then filter (Supplement to London Pharmacopoeia, 1821). A number of compounds have been offered as "Daffy's Elixir," and from among them we have selected the preceding.