Coriander seed, 108 grains.

Caraway seed, 108 grains.

Cinnamon, 93 grains

Star anise, 62 grains

Tonka bean, 62 grains

Canella, 31 grains

Nutmeg, 31 grains

Cloves, 31 grains

Ammoniacal glycyrrhizin, 620 grains

Oil of orange, 31 minims

Alcohol, 16 fluidounces

Distilled water, 16 fluidounces

Simple syrup, 48 fluidounces

Dissolve the oil of orange in the alcohol and add the distilled water, and, having properly moistened the mixed and powdered drugs with a portion of this menstruum, pack them in a suitable percolator and exhaust with the remainder of it. Dissolve the ammoniacal glycyrrhizin in a small amount of boiling water, and add the syrup, mix this with the percolate previously obtained, and then add of distilled water an amount sufficient to make the whole measure eighty fluidounces. Filter if necessary.

This elixir was also devised by Prof. Joseph P. Remington, and is used as a vehicle for the administration of quinine. The remarks we have made concerning "elixir of ammoniacal glycyrrhizin" may be applied with propriety to this preparation.