Strychnine, 1 1/4 grains.

Elixir of pyrophosphate of iron with quinine, 16 fluidounces..

Acetic acid, a sufficient quantity.

Powder the strychnine and triturate it with sufficient acetic acid to effect its solution. Mix this with the elixir of pyrophosphate of iron with quinine.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of the finished elixir contains one- hundredth of a grain of strychnine, one grain of quinine, and two grains of pyrophosphate of iron. It agrees in proportions with the formula adopted by the American Pharmaceutical Association, 1875.

The National Formulary uses phosphate of iron, citrate of potassium, hydrochlorate of quinine, and sulphate of strychnine. The finished product, however, is similar to that made by our process, the difference being that each fluidrachm contains two grains of phosphate of iron instead of one grain of pyrophosphate.

The aforenamed work also prepares an elixir under the name elixir of iron, quinine, and strychnine, in which two fluidounces of tincture of citro-chloride of iron, one hundred and twenty-eight grains of sulphate of quinine, one and one-quarter grains of sulphate of strychnine, one-half fluidounce of alcohol, and enough aromatic elixir to make sixteen fluidounces are employed. The alkaloidal salts are dissolved in twelve fluidounces of aromatic elixir, then the tincture and the alcohol are added, and finally enough aromatic elixir to make sixteen fluidounces. Each fluidrachm represents about one grain of ferric chloride, one grain of sulphate of quinine, and one-hundredth of a grain of sulphate of strychnine.