Calisaya bark, 24 troyounces.

Curaoa orange peel, 16 troyounces.

Coriander, 4 troyounces.

Cardamom, 1 1/2 troyounces.

Ceylon cinnamon, 3 troyounces.

Anise, 1 troyounces.

Cocoa (Baker's), 8 troyounces.

Reduce to a moderately fine powder; displace with a mixture consisting of one part, by measure, of alcohol and three parts of water, until two and one-half gallons of percolate are obtained.

Meanwhile, prepare hydrated sesquioxide of iron from six pints of solution of tersulphate of iron, according to the Pharmacopoeial process, measure it, and add to every four measures one measure of alcohol; then add of this sufficient to the percolate, obtained as above, to deprive it of its cincho-tannic acid. The absence of the latter is readily ascertained by the addition of a drop of tincture of chloride of iron to a filtered portion of the liquid in operation, which should not be colored by such addition. Should coloration result, the intensity or faintness will serve as a guide to the further quantity of hydrated sesquioxide of iron necessary to completely detannate the preparation. As soon as this result is obtained, strain the mixture upon a muslin strainer, and when the liquid ceases to pass, wash the residue upon the strainer, with sufficient of a mixture of one measure of alcohol to three of water to make the strained liquid measure five gallons. Now triturate together oil of orange one-half fluidounces, carbonate of magnesium four troyounces. When thoroughly mixed, incorporate it with the strained liquid obtained as above, agitate well, and filter through paper; express the filter between muslin, filter the expressed liquid, and mix with the previous filtrate, in which dissolve fifteen pounds avoirdupois of sugar. If necessary, filter the elixir thus obtained; but simple straining will usually answer.

The above formula is that of Prof. C. Lewis Diehl, as presented to the Louisville College of Pharmacy, January 16th, 1872.

Each fluidrachm (teaspoonful) of the finished elixir represents about two grains of calisaya bark of the quality employed by the operator.

The first record we can find of detannating the percolate from calisaya bark by means of hydrated sesquioxide of iron, for the purpose of making an elixir, was the communication to the Druggists' Circular, 1867, by Mr. Meier, of New York. He used solution of ferric chloride to prepare the hydroxide. Detannated elixir of calisaya was introduced to supply a solution of the alkaloids of calisaya which could be mixed with iron salts without precipitation or inky discoloration. We are sure that pharmacists, generally, will meet with better success, regarding the quality if the product, by using an elixir directly from the alkaloids; hence we favor that form of "elixir of calisaya" in this work. We cannot say that there is actually much difference in the finished preparation, since the natural combination of the alkaloids is broken when the cincho-tannic acid is removed, and all must admit that the calisaya barks of commerce are uncertain in quality. The elixir of the alkaloids is of definite strength.