Sulphate of quinine or sulphate of cinchonidine, 1 ounce.

Distilled water, 32 fluidounces.

Ammonia water, 1/2 fluidounces.

Mix the ammonia water with the distilled water, and having placed the sulphate of the desired alkaloid in a mortar, gradually triturate it with a sufficient amount of the liquid, so as to form a thin, creamy mixture, then add the remainder of the mixed waters. Permit this to stand half an hour, and transfer to a filter paper; then, after the precipitate has drained, return it to the mortar, and mix it again with a liquid composed of

Distilled water, 32 fluidounces.

Ammonia water, 1/4 fluidounces.

Permit this mixture to stand for half an hour, and then transfer it to a muslin strainer, squeeze. it until the liquid is expressed, and then dry it by hanging it in the atmosphere, without, however, removing the strainer.

The foregoing process offers several advantages over the old, not the least being the ready production of an alkaloid in a porous and finely divided form. If the strainer is permitted to remain during the process of drying, the liquid carries the dissolved sulphate of ammo-nium to the surface, as it evaporates, and deposits it upon the muslin.

This process is often followed by the writer with regard to other precipitates which contain coloring matters and impurities that ordinary washing seems not to separate. By spreading them in thin layers upon muslin, and pressing a sheet of muslin upon their surface, the impurities are carried by the liquid to the surface.