The pronounced immunosuppressing effect of semen injected into the anal canal has been traced by Dr Richard Ablin of State University, New York, to the enzyme transmutamenase contained in semen and, apart from animal experiments to demonstrate this, there is additional evidence that the high incidence of AIDS among hemophiliacs is due to the same enzyme contained in the drug Factor VIII, upon which hemophiliacs constantly depend. In Lancet, April 1985, Dr Ablin wrote:

Association is not proof of cause, and agents such as HIV may turn out to be passengers on an already sinking ship. It would be reasonable to postulate some other transmissible agent, even a noninfectious one, which contributes to immune dysfunction and possibly predisposes to opportunistic infections . . . As an alternative to the hypothesis that AIDS is solely an infectious disease I suggest that the opportunistic infections and tumors such as Kaposi's sarcoma seen in AIDS patients result from a combination of lifestyle hazard and immunodeficiency, whereas in patients with hemophilia the infections are a consequence of immunosuppression resulting from infusion of anti-hemophiliac factor.

To what extent semen is a major factor in AIDS has not been determined, but the fact that it is a factor certainly helps to explain the predominant role of receptive anal sex in the disease. It has of course been pointed out that anal sex has been practised widely in some communities for centuries with no reported ill effects, which is true, but never in history have anal receptive sex partners received such amounts of semen so constantly, accompanied by so many drugs, as since the advent of gay bath houses, and it is a fact that the cities in which AIDS first appeared are the very cities in which bath houses first appeared.

Of course, only a relatively small proportion of all homosexuals are so neurotically drawn to outrageously treat their bodies by what in the AIDS business is called "high-risk behavior", and therefore the majority of homosexuals, HIV positive or not, need have no more fear of AIDS than the average heterosexual, which fact is already being borne out by the steady decline in AIDS cases among them. The decline is not because gays are using condoms or clean hypodermics, it is because the majority of the "high-risk" gays have either already perished or have wised up and moderated their behavior. This fact cannot now be disputed, given the large number of previous AIDS patients, homosexual and heterosexual, who have regained good health by adopting a better lifestyle, just as have other so-called incurables in the past overcome cancer, leukemia, MS and other "terminal" diseases.

Thus it can be seen that AIDS is not the slightest threat to anybody providing they do not debilitate their bodies with drugs, malnutrition and other high-risk behavior and, if they clean up their lifestyle really well, nor will they need fear the other so-called terminal diseases. The great AIDS epidemic, predicted year after year by the virusmongers, simply has not happened, not because people are practising "safe sex" or using condoms, but because still only relatively few people are living dangerously enough to completely destroy their immune systems.

That drugs of all kinds are the bottom line in the drama of AIDS was pretty clear right at the beginning, but the fact was obscured due to incompetent data recording. Because it was clear that intravenous drug users were getting AIDS as well as homosexuals, the patients were divided on the records as being in one or the other of these categories, which did not allow for the many cases where homosexuals fell into both categories, and because such patients were listed only in the homosexual category the impression was given that drugs were not implicated at all in that great number of cases. But not only that, no drugs other than intravenous drugs were even mentioned. There seemed to be not the vaguest notion that other drugs can be every bit as dangerous, but when all drugs are taken into account, including alcohol, marijuana and the other countless recreational drugs, plus the antibiotics, etc taken by the cartload, the fact emerges loud and clear that the indiscriminate use of drugs is the number one AIDS factor. That the constant use of medical drugs alone can cause AIDS is illustrated by the case of a heterosexual doctor in San Francisco who came down with AIDS through his addiction to medical drugs. Fortunately by completely changing his lifestyle and abandoning all drugs he averted imminent death and made a fine recovery.*

*Refer to Roger's Recovery from AIDS by Dr Robert Owen, Davar Press, Malibu, California, 1987.