Why the "AIDS Establishment" based in the Center of Disease Control, US National Institute of Health (CDC & NIH) holds on to its hysterical belief in the virus theory of AIDS is incomprehensible--assuming its members are sincere--because the true story is as clear as the nose on your face and has been for a long time. As far back as 1968, AIDS was starting to appear among drug addicts. In that year Professor Gordon Stewart of Tulane University in New Orleans commenced a three-year study of drug addiction in New Orleans and New York City. He reported that the drug addicts suffered all kinds of opportunistic infections--eighty-five to ninety per cent of them had hepatitis to some degree. He said they were emaciated with "various weird blood-born infections" together with candida and cryptococci. Darrell Yates Rist, New York journalist and AIDS researcher reported: "The intravenous drug users were in the lead, and only later the gays picked it up. The first case of AIDS I know of in the US was in 1976 when the baby of an IV drug user died of pneumocystis in San Francisco."

Dr Joseph Sonnabend of New York City made similar observations. He said:

"I was seeing patients with a whole range of problems for years before AIDS came along. Swollen lymph glands, bladder problems, bowel problems of course. I was telling them this was going to lead to some major problem though I didn't know what. People would come in for treatment for gonorrhoea, get their shot of penicillin and go straight back to the bath houses to have sex again. They'd do that ten times a year. Of course there were going to be problems. One of my promiscuous patients would already have hepatitis B, hepatitis A, syphilis, gonorrhoea, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, Epstein-Barr virus."

A novel published in 1978, Faggots by Larry Kramer, described the typical behavior of some of the big city gays who indulged in orgies of drugs and sexual perversion almost every day, some of them averaging twenty or more sexual acts a week. The author described fifty-six different drugs used indiscriminately for kicks, and these did not include intravenous drugs or medicinal ones. All of them were immunosuppressive, all of them were associated with promiscuity.

That drugs, chemicals and junk food have become a normal, everyday part of life in some social circles is illustrated by an account in the book Herpes: Cause and Control by Dr William Wickett (Pinnacle Books, 1982):

"We even took care of Max, a Hell's Angels type who was referred to us by the Venereal Disease Clinic. He had been treated there twice for syphilis and innumerable times for gonorrhea. He now had herpes. Max also admitted to having been addicted to heroin in the past, to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, to taking amphetamines and sedatives, and to being a regular user of marijuana, usually in combination with large quantities of beer.

There was no mistake, Max had herpes genitalis. There were blisters along the length of the penis and several more on the scrotum.

But, alas, Max withdrew from our study. When we explained we were testing a new drug, one from which we had seen almost no side-effects, he declined. Said he, 'I don't want to put anything in my body that might be harmful.'"

Although at present the greatest number of people with AIDS (PWA) in the USA are still male homosexuals, the highest incidence of new cases is among young drug-addicted heterosexuals in New York City, and in Australia the highest incidence is among poorly situated Aboriginals in Northern Queensland who, like hapless teenagers abandoned by society with little hope for the future, seek solace in drugs, liquor and junk food.

If HIV were necessary to cause AIDS, how on earth did it find its way to north Queensland, there to selectively attack a group of underprivileged Aboriginals and nobody else? Is it mere coincidence that these Aboriginals practise a self-destructive lifestyle similar in many ways to the self-destructive lifestyles of other people with AIDS?

Having described the lifestyle factors that lead to the end state of physical degeneration called AIDS, it must be emphasized that AIDS is no more a fatal disease than any other disease of civilization, including cancer, providing corrective steps are taken before damage becomes irreparable. HIV has absolutely no effect on a healthy body; any harm it may cause is entirely by fear implanted in the patient's mind by doctors brainwashed by the deluded authorities" in the US AIDS "establishment".