There are thousands of people in modern world countries and perhaps millions in third world countries who are thought to have AIDS simply because they "test positive" for the feared and supposedly deadly retrovirus called HIV. Most of these people are in average health, not displaying the sickness of the syndrome which is AIDS. So how on earth can someone without a syndrome be said to have the syndrome? AIDS is a syndrome and if you don't have the syndrome you don't have AIDS.

Moreover, even if it were true that HIV was the cause of AIDS, and this has never been more than supposition as will be shown, the fact that antibodies to the virus are detectable in someone's blood does not mean they harbor the virus at all; on the contrary, it means the same as in the case of all viruses, which is that the body has in the past encountered the virus and has mounted a defense against it.

That some of these HIV positive people, particularly those in the high-risk category (those busy destroying themselves), will eventually display AIDS is only to be expected, but that does not prove anything other than that their high-risk behavior is responsible, because it is a fact that even in the high-risk group, less than three per cent of "AIDS antibody positive" people have proceeded to develop "full blown" AIDS. And how many of these were taken over the brink by destructive medical procedures and the associated paranoid fear of their death sentence? The typical paranoia associated with the "deadly AIDS virus" was displayed on one occasion in Sydney when a policeman, bitten in a struggle with an AIDS suspect, later in abject fear shot himself dead with his own service pistol!