As the brain in use consumes for its size a great deal more fuel (blood sugar) and oxygen than any other organ of the body, it is provided with a copious blood supply and, like any of the other organs, works best if the blood is pure and well oxygenated.

Nathan Pritikin described tests with children given a number of simple arithmetic sums to do, which showed that after a while on a very low-fat diet their mental performance both in speed and accuracy improved by twenty per cent. On the other end of the scale, senile people put on the same diet regained memory and control of body functions which beforehand they had lost. This being so, it is plain to see why the top levels in school examination results are so often gained by children of Oriental migrants who have yet to a adopt the Western diet, although a recent news item reports that it doesn't take long before the children of migrants soon adopt our dietary ways and at the same time begin to exhibit the physical deterioration that distinguishes our children.

With children at one end of the age scale and senile adults at the other, both groups demonstrating the diminished mental and physical standards that accompany a high-fat diet, it is a safe bet that just about everybody in the age groups in between are similarly affected, including of course our politicians, many of whom display disturbing signs of mental incapacity.

Fish is often referred to as a "brain food", but if that appears to be the case it would not be because fish contains some magical ingredient, but more because it is less likely than meat to make the blood sticky, which of course is the reason heart attacks occur with less frequency among the people in coastal fishing villages compared to farming villages not far distant inland.

When it is known that vegetarians display happier and more placid demeanors than meat-eaters, apart from better general health, it is clear that not only can drugs affect mental processes but so too can toxemia derived from food. Behavioral problems such as hyperactvity in children, emotional outbursts and schizophrenia in adults, can all be related to toxemia and lipotoxemia derived from diet, and it is only one step further to inquire what little extra influence from alcohol or some other drug, perhaps even just stress, does it need to turn some quiet man into one of the crazy gunmen you read about?