All the various so-called "schools of healing" employ means of stimulating and inhibiting function in treating the sick body. For ages "medicine men" have assumed to dictate bodily processes, instead of recognizing the conservative and reparative activities inaugurated by the organism when given an opportunity. Indeed, the fundamental error of most "healing systems" lies in the effort to force the organism to act in accordance with the doctor's conception of how it aught to act; with the net result, of still reducing the store of nerve energy upon which any possible recovery depends.

Were medical understanding of vitality and resistance not less than that of any other department of physiology and of "morbid function," the whole trend of therapeutics would be different.

Stimulation increases the rate of cell and tissue disintegration beyond the power of the organism to repair and renew. Instead of benefiting the sick, it tends to increase the enervation and organic impairment. The greater the cell and tissue deterioration, the less the functioning power possessed by an organ or part. Only rest of the organ or organism will permit repair or renewal.

Inhibiting (depressing) measures are no less wasteful of energy and destructive of tissue than stimulating procedures. The weakening of segmental function by local stimulation and inhibition cripples symbiotic support and hastens decline.

When food poisoning, drugs, chloroform, and a "successful operation" have produced so much enervation that he cannot control his nerves, or that his kidneys cease to function, or that his liver fails, the patient dies, not of "disease," but of treatment.

Physician, nurse and patient should know how to conserve the patient's energy and build up enough to get him back to where he is ideally adjusted to the laws of life. Lowering energy by drugs, or any method that enervates, is not curative. Teaching fear, in any manner, lowers energy and builds pathology. To restore health, and to retain it, mind and body must be correctly cared for. Nerve-destroying habits, "cures," and frenzied haste are fast sapping our nervous energies.