Physicians and dairymen have recognized for a number of years now, the importance of sunshine in the production of good milk by cows, but nowhere, outside of Hygienic circles, is the value of sunshine in the production of good milk by human mothers stressed. Daily sunning should be indulged by all mothers, during both pregnancy and lactation. This will mean better health for the mother and better nourishment for the baby.


Anger, fear excitement, rage, etc., may greatly diminish or completely suspend the secretion of milk; or, these may so alter the composition of the milk that the baby will be made ill. I often wonder if some women don't fail to nurse their children due solely to their fear that they cannot and to worry over the thought that they cannot. Nervous and excitable women are liable to have too much protein in their milk, and this will derange the baby's digestion.

It is recorded that angry mothers have killed their children by nursing them. Worry and anger may so derange the milk as to cause convulsions in the baby. Any influence that depresses, or excites, or over-stimulates the mother, will ruin her milk and make her baby sick.

It is imperative that mothers and mothers-to-be cultivate and maintain poise. A cheerful, optimistic disposition will help to maintain normal function of her milk glands.