During the last few years the Salisbury meat diet has enjoyed a short-lived vogue in certain quarters. It is now about fifty years since Dr. Salisbury first announced the use of an exclusive meat diet in the treatment of a number of maladies; including arthritis and tuberculosis. He assumed that most human ailments are due to the development of yeast in the digestive tract. He excluded carbohydrates from the diet to starve out the yeast cells. There was and is no scientific foundation for his notion and, although, he and his followers claimed a remarkable success, his method was short-lived.

Dr. Salisbury correctly described the consequences of the ordinary starch and sugar diet as making a "yeast pot of the digestive tract." The fermentation is real under the usual haphazard eating and the evil consequences of the fermentation are no less real. The remedy, however, is not the substitution therefor of a greater evil--acid formation and putrefaction of meat.