To Mr. Sake Deen Mahomed.

Dear Sir, - Although I have been incessant in recommending the valuable efficacy of your Medicated Vapour Baths since I myself experienced their effects, if you think any written statement of my case likely to benefit others, and serve you, I will most readily give it you.

In April, 1823, I was advised by a private friend to try your Baths, and place myself under your entire treatment, being then in a very nervous, low, debilitated state, subject to violent palpitation of the heart, tendency of blood to the head, dieted upon vegetables and water, and altogether quite ill. This indisposition I had been under near three years, brought on by domestic affliction and other connected causes, till it finally reduced me to an alarming illness in 1821-22, and the ultimate recovery from which (under the most eminent of the faculty) left me as herein described in April, 1823.

When urged by my friend to try your Baths, I quite ridiculed the idea as inapplicable to my case, and I believe nothing but the conviction that every expedient I had resorted to had failed, would finally have overcome my prejudice. Thus reluctantly did I submit to the use of the Vapour Baths: the first I took did me great service, aiding appetite, sleep, and digestion, quelling nervous excitement, and causing better circulation, without any of the alarming consequences I had apprehended; and a repetition of them for one fortnight, aided by your medicinal treatment, returned me to London the astonishment of . every friend; and an occasional perseverance in them soon after, renovated me to my wonted health. Another remarkable instance of their peculiar efficacy in cases of languid circulation, occurred to me in March, 1824, when in London. I caught a severe inflammatory cold, which brought on my old symptoms, and required the use of digitalis and other baneful medicines, and left me very weak.

As soon as able I went to Brighton for a Bath, and such was the torpid state of circulation in me, that with the vapour at 110 by the thermometer inside the Bath, I absolutely shivered, and had hot oils applied to restore it, which no Warm Bath could have done, neither could the heat have been so endured-one more Bath restored me to myself again. I am now quite well, but shall always resort to your Vapour Bath, whenever indisposed. I have finally no hesitation in saying that they have a pre-eminent claim to any Warm Bath, and may be used with success in most cases, but in almost any without the least apprehension, from the various diseases I have witnessed a recovery from by my own recommendation; whilst in all cases of contraction, rheumatic and other pains, I hesitate not, to pronounce them superior to any other treatment, from having been an eye witness to such recoveries as I could not otherwise have credited.

I remain, dear Sir,

Your constant well wisher,

Henry Pounsett. Bartholomew-lane, London. July, 1825.